Clean and wax in one easy application – without water in 10 minutes!

2GO WNW is a formulated eco-based natural product. Its concentrated formula is based on advanced nano-cleaning technology which cleans and waxes surfaces in one easy application: without the use of water.

Thanks to a special blend of surfactants and emulsifiers, it captures even the heaviest dirt & dust, quickly and safely with a microfiber cloth . Its revolutionary antistatic feature instantly releases the dirt and dust from the vehicle, keeping it clean for much longer and providing a wax showroom shine. Wipe the surface only with a microfibre cloth.

The result? A brilliant shine and long lasting protection!

It works fantastically on all colours; it works even better on bright coloured surfaces, as it gives them a rich and deep shine.

One thought on “Waterless Nano Wash

  1. demetris

    timi parakalo kai an iparxoun se pio megales siskevasies kai times

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